3 years of seniority

Present on the high-end Abaya market since 2016, our years of experience have enabled us to refine and improve our skills in terms of quality product packaging.

Always close to your expectations, we are attentive to your feedback and do our best to meet them. We give an important place to your opinions that really help the Khaleej Boutique brand to grow.


Made in the Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is world renowned for its luxury clothing. It is in this line that we decided from the beginning to settle in this country specialized in textiles.

Our production benefits from local know-how and the high availability of the different fabrics used for our products. All these advantages have allowed us to easily choose this country to establish ourselves.

High quality Abayas

Our products are made from two fabrics: Nidha, very famous in the Emirates for its quality, and crepe fabric adapted to cooler periods in Europe. Here are some models.


Elegant & Mastoura

Khaleej Boutique is a concept that aims to give you access to mastoura clothing while being pleasant. Without falling into extravagance, the Khaleej Boutique style is a condensed version of presence and sobriety.

Different colours and models, different styles and fabrics used, so many combinations that all remain in our general line of conduct: elegance and modesty.

Pioneers in our sector

We are the first to have introduced the Nidha fabric in France, which is now an undeniable success.

[iconbox style=”icon-above-title” ht_title=”Famous fabric in the Emirates” icon=”use-font-icon” font_icon=”fa fa-star” title_link=””]Very carried by the Emirati, it is very appreciated in the Arab countries[/iconbox]
[iconbox style=”icon-above-title” ht_title=”High quality” icon=”use-font-icon” font_icon=”fa fa-check-circle-o” title_link=””]The quality of the Nidha fabric is above average, ranking our abayas as top of the range[/iconbox]
[iconbox style=”icon-above-title” ht_title=”Lightweight fabric” title_link=”” image=”8391″]The Nidha is easy to wear because of its light weight. Suitable for all seasons[/iconbox]

Success in France and Europe

In recent years, the number of clothes using this fabric has exploded. Our introduction on the market with the use of this fabric has largely contributed to its propensity.

For a few years now, it is in France and even now in Europe that the success of wearing this quality fabric has been apparent. The trend is for this fabric to dominate for many successful products.